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**J. Clarke (she/they/he) aka @vampirepyramidscheme **They are a queer nonbinary Afro-Caribbean illustrator and graphic designer based in the Pacific Northwest. They find inspiration in historical fashion, vintage advertising art, fantasy, and folklore - with a focus on telling character-driven BIPOC narratives. They are also a little vampire obsessed.



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Comics (excerpts)


Vampires of Color is a charity anthology featuring comics, illustration and writing featuring BIPOC vampires. The zine, in its first edition, is associated with BIPOC Vamp Day, an annual online event (in its 3rd year) celebrating BIPOC vampires while spreading awareness about sickle cell anemia and raising funds for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.Vampires of Color, Vol 1 - 2022
Vampires of Color, Vol 2 - 2023
BIPOC Vamp Day
Event and zine created by J. Clarke
Zine Creative Directior - Nala J. Wu

The Arrangement is a new supernatural historical drama about two vampires that enter an unlikely partnership to survive the chaos and excess of New York in the 1920s. Coming to WebToon, Tapas and Globalcomix in Spring 2023 and eventually print.Created by J. Clarke and Mollie C.Read it here: Webtoon | Globalcomix | TapasSubscribe on Patreon or Kofi for WIPs and to read it first.

Vampire Pyramid Scheme is comic about Cora, a quirky, bespectacled undergrad who escapes to Portland to reconnect with her estranged adoptive parents. She wants a fresh start in the Pacific Northwest with her best friend - and hopefully hide from the possessive ex-boyfriend she left in California. It's your average homecoming story - except she's a witch, her bestie is a werewolf, and her adoptive parents are 16th century vampires (who have their hands full rehabilitating a handful of young wayward vamps). So maybe not so normal after all...Created by J. Clarke
Currently in development.

Fruity Flavors Zine 2023
Our Frames Mean Love
Good Eats 2023
Arthology Dreams - "Drift"
Trans BookBox - January 2023


Past projects, zines and collaborations:

Crimson Pride, volume 1, 2022 (Organizer/Artwork)
Nagelbrood '86 - 2022
Trans Book Box Artwork - January
Dream Anthology - episode ??


Commission Slots Available : 2/6

Request a commission slot via my form, Ko-fi or VGen
(Patreon/Kofi supporters get first spots and 10% discount.)

Profile/Icon IllustrationSimple Icon: $30
Headshot Icon: $60
• Includes single character illustration, full color with solid color, gradient background. Includes transparent PNG file.• Turnaround: 1-2 months depending on complexity• 10% discount for icon sets• Interaction between icons available

Full Color IllustrationsPortrait: $90
Halfbody Color: $120
Full Color Illustration (Single Character): $200
• Includes single character illustration, full color with solid color, gradient or simple illustrated background.• Turnaround: 1-3 months depending on complexity• Extra character: +50% base price• Lineart: 1/2 of base price• Complex background / detailed garments / accessories will have an extra fee. Contact for pricing.

Character Sheet / Paper Doll$200+• Character sheet includes one full body (clothed or unclothed), one headshot or half body, one outfit and 2-3 accessories.• Paper Doll option includes one full body character pose (clothed or unclothed), 1-3 outfits (depending on complexity), and 2-3 accessories.• Extra character: +50% base price• Complex background / detailed garments / additional accessories will have an extra fee. Contact for info.

Comic PageBring your story to life. Please provide script, dialogue, or basic story idea when requesting. I can make suggestions if needed.Sketched page (no color): $130
Inked page (flat color/limited palette): $200
Full color page: $275
(Average page contains 3-6 panels)
• Extra panels: $40 - $125

NSFW Commissions

Commission Slots Available : 2/6

Request a NSFW commission slot via my form, VGen or email.
(Patreon/Kofi supporters get first spots and 10% discount.)

NSFW IllustrationsSketch: $90
Lingerie Pinup: $150
Illustration (Single Character): $180
•Turnaround: 1-2 months, depending on complexity• Includes full color and shading with a simple background color, gradient or shape.• Extra character: +50% base price• Lineart (no color): 1/2 base price.

NSFW Sketch Sheet
Two characters enjoying some sketchy NSFW fun.
• Includes sketched illustrations of at least one full body. Limited or flat color palette. Minimal accessoreis and background (depends on pose/sex act).• Extra character: +50% base price•Turnaround: 1-2 months, depending on complexity

NSFW ComicBring your smutty story to life. Please provide script, dialogue, or basic story idea when requesting. Guidance/suggestions available upon request.Sketched page (no color): $175+
Inked page (flat color/limited palette): $225+
Full color page: $300+
(Average page contains 3-6 panels.)
• Extra panels $40-$125
• Turnaround: depends on comic


GENERAL INFO:• I have the right to decline or cancel the commission at any step for any reason (payment will be returned).• You may cancel your commission at any time, but payment will not be refunded once work has started.DO NOT use my work for NFT/s or genAI prompts or I will take legal action.• You are allowed to crop your commission however you want, but do not edit my art without my permission.• **Turnaround time is 1-3 months **(once sketches are approved), depending on the amount of details/complexity.Additional elements like character/costume design, historical outfits, complicated poses or backgrounds may require an extra fee and adjust the cost of your commission.Character design is an additional cost - please inquire for prices.• Please credit me when you post on social media - use the name @vampirepyramidscheme or @vampirepyramid (Twitter only).

PAYMENT:• Price are listed in USD.• Paypal / Venmo / Cashapp• I require a 50% deposit to secure a slot, full payment required once the initial sketch is approved. Payment plans are available.• Commissions are for personal use only. Contact me to purchase full rights for commercial purposes (merch, logos, book covers, podcast covers, etc).

COMMISSION PROCESS:• To claim your slot, contact me directly or fill out one of the commission request forms above.• Once your slot is confirmed, you will need to provide me with references via the form or email.REFERENCES: Good quality images for faces, costume details, tattoos or other elements will be helpful. If you don't have references, then clear descriptions can help as well. If the character or scene is from a written source, a synopsis or excerpt will also be helpful. For original characters, images of actors or people that look like your character will also help. The more info you can provide will be helpful.• I will provide progress updates along the way - during the initial sketch phase and initial color (if applicable) - these are WIPs and not the final piece. Please ask me before sharing these on social media.• I allow ONE free round of revisions for sketch/lineart commissions - which must be requested during the initial sketch process. Full color illustration /character sheet commissions are given TWO free revisions (one in sketch stage, one in color stage). After that, there will be a fee for additional revisions.Note: One additional revision may be allowed under special circumstances. No more revisions will occur after the piece has been approved and finished.

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Character SheetsFursona / Mecha
Historical / Fantasy GarmentsOverly Detailed Items
Mild Gore / HorrorExtreme Gore / Violence
NSFW / PinupNSFW with Minors / Incest
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